Changes for Adults

There are five key elements that continually shape and restructure our lives: Family, Friends, Education, Goals, and Lifestyle. Learning to deal with Changes within any of these elements is essential to developing new skills and reaching your personal goals. With our Changes workshop, you will be given the techniques needed for productive lifelong learning, self-realization, changing your mindset, and how to set and reach personal goals.

Unlimited Power: Unlocking the Communication Code

Whether you’re at home, in the staffroom or in the classroom, communication is the key. In this talk, you’ll learn how psychology affects interaction and how to use this to your advantage in the classroom! How do you get someone’s attention? Appeal to their senses. Most people are primarily visual, auditory or kinesthetic communicators. We’ll share tips on identifying someone’s dominant communication mode from visual and verbal cues. You’ll learn how to make presentations accessible to different types of communicators.

Critical Thinking for Adults

Feeling like you are stuck in a rut and not moving forward in your professional career? Maybe a talk in critical thinking might refresh your senses! Being a professional at work requires hard work. But being a good professional requires critical thinking. In this talk, you can think actively by learning to hear, evaluate, categorise and find relationships more effectively in your office!

Become a Successful Speaker

When someone mentions public speaking, the first ideas that pop into your head are nervousness and fear. How about shifting your focus and think about how you can influence and affect people’s lives? Learn to throw away your insecurities and instill self-confidence with us! Let go of your fears and change other people’s lives as well as yours!

Improving Your Memory

Many people have misconceptions about improving your memory. It does not mean your memory is failing. It merely means that you can learn to use your memory and strengthen it, eventually leading you to perform better at work! In our talk, we provide understanding of how our memory works and techniques for developing memory potential. More importantly, we have strategies that allow you to perform more efficiently in the office or at school!

Fundamentals of Success

Gain tips on how to be successful anywhere and everywhere! Getting to the top may be as easy as learning how to ride a bicycle. With our talk, you can learn to possess a positive mind set and set goals so that you can visualize and attain your success! Also, learn to not only face fear but conquer it! We are here to help so you don’t have to do it alone!

“Eat that Frog” Time Management

As papers and deadlines start piling up, some people get overwhelmed and helpless unsure of where to start. Stress levels start rising causing imbalance in their lifestyle. You can learn to EAT THAT FROG with us! Acquire knowledge in prior planning to avoid poor performance and overcome procrastination. When you start from the beginning, and take a step at a time to complete your job, your life becomes more manageable!

Anger Management for Adults

Feeling angry all the time? Don’t know how to curb the anger that is seeping through your pores? Nip the problem in the bud before you make any rash actions! Learn how to deal with the angry feelings and most importantly, how to prevent them. Also, understand that expressing anger may not always exist in the form of physical violence. With these tips, you can be on your way to a happier lifestyle!

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Discover the secrets of the seven habits of highly effective people and apply them to your everyday life. In this talk, you learn ideas about being proactive, to put first things first and to understand other people before receiving understanding from them. With these seven habits, you can align these principles to maintain an efficient and effective lifestyle!