Effective Parenting Workshop

(Suitable for parents of children in P1 to P6)

Learning Anchors Workshop

(Suitable for parents of children in P1 to P6)

The basic love and respect workshop for parents of teens

(Suitable for parents with children of 10 years old to 19 years old)

Unlocking the communication code with your child

with your Child (Suitable for parents of children in P5 and P6)

How to choose a secondary school

(Suitable for parents of children in P6)

The Basic Love & Respect Workshop For Parents Of Teens

An empowering programme intended for parents who yearn to understand how to relate to their teens better and motivate them towards where they are driven to go to fulfil their purpose in life.This programme puts every issue of parenting out in the open and breaks down the steps of first understanding oneself in order to understand others.

  • Have you found yourself questioning why you cannot understand your teen or tween?

  • Are you aware of the root of why your teenager is the way he or she is?

  • Learn the fundamentals of understanding what mistakes you may have done and how to avoid them in the future

  • Learn the basic techniques of communicating better with each other

  • Common mistakes made by parents in communicating with their teenage child

Effective Parenting

Gone are the days when strict discipline could quell a naughty child. With the Internet and television, children are now smarter and cheekier. A new parenting style is needed for a new age. In this talk, we’ll prepare you for common difficulties you can expect with your child. More importantly, we’ll share strategies for effective parenting that strengthens the parent-child bond. 

Learning Anchors

Every child has the potential for academic success. So why do some children lag behind while others excel? It’s true that memory plays a role. But simply reproducing the facts doesn’t guarantee a distinction. Learning Anchors make the difference in a child’s performance. In our talk, we’ll help you understand the difference between study habits and learning skills. We’ll share approaches to training your children’s learning and communication skills. With the ability to convey their thoughts coherently and convincingly, your children will excel in examinations. 

Unlocking the Communication Code with your Child

Studies suggest that 90 to 95% of communication fails. Parents’ attitude can often be summed up as “I say, you do.” But a paradigm shift is needed if we want to engage our children. The parent-child relationship needs to transform to one where children feel engaged and aligned with their parents’ concerns. We’ll consider the reasons why children don’t relate to their parents and consequences this can have. You’ll be introduced to our Collaborative Operating System, a strategy for reshaping communication with your children into one of mutual engagement and cooperation. 

How to Choose a Secondary School

Choosing the right secondary school for your child is an extremely important process that will have a profound effect on their career path. During our talk, we will breakdown the process of choosing a secondary school in manageable portions. The workshop will create strategies for long term goals and visions for both you on your child. We will also address time management, exam skills, study and learning, how to properly research schools, and what are the important questions to ask to ensure that you have chosen the correct school for your child.