Queenstown Secondary School

At Queenstown Secondary School, we conducted a 8 week AT-RISK program. This program was introduced to re-engage students who are suffering from poor academic grades, with difficult financial and family backgrounds to improve their school attendance. The intention is to get students to focus more on their academic achievements as opposed to working outside to support their families’ dire situations. We helped these youths to see the big picture and understand how strong academic grades will enable them to secure a stable job that will ensure their family will be well supported in the future as opposed to look for instant gratification through finding a part time job during school hours. In this program, we brought students to explore multiple areas of strengths such as outdoor trekking, Muay Thai Martial Arts introduction class, Glass Art Painting, High Elements Leadership Enrichment and even Bubble Soccer tournaments. As a result of our program, we were able to improve the attendance of the At-Risk students by 66%.