Bartley Secondary School

At Bartley Secondary School, we ran a 4 day Go Genius Study Skills and Motivational Program. It was a non-residential program for students from Secondary 4 and Secondary 5. They were going through process of learning the essential Mindset and Skillset to become exceptional in their academics.
The program was divided into 2 aspects: Classroom Learning and Outside the Classroom Learning.
In the first 2 days, the students learnt various important concepts such as how to create effective note taking, how to memorise better, how to deal with application questions effectively etc. After the program, the students were better motivated and empowered to achieve the goals that they set out to at the beginning of the year.
The the second 2 days, the students went to Sentosa and Coney island. They learnt the importance of values and competencies such as a growth mindset, perseverance, and an attitude of gratitude while tackling the challenges they faced at the different stations.