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“Role playing was great. And great that the Trainer is a Millennial!” 

Shawn Mak

“It was interesting to see the mix of Sociology and Psychology being shared in this training session. Understanding the differences between group behaviours as a generation and individual behaviours based on psychometric tests really helped me understand a lot about the behaviours of my colleagues and direct reports.”

Winnie Pua

“Having a Millennial trainer helps to give perspective and views from the Millennials’ Point of View which personally, I find is good for us to understand more. Good trainer and quite neutral in his approach when sharing about the different generation characteristics”

Singapore Prison Service

“There are many courses teaching managers to learn how to motivate, develop, and manage their subordinates. It was interesting to attend this workshop where Vivek shared how Millennials have a totally different set of requirements at the workplace and really learning about this generation has opened my mind up about the different ways I can manage, motivate and empower them.”

Krystle Lim - Senior Director
BW Maritime Pte Ltd

“Delivery and content is clear and he made it so easy for us to understand the Millennials”

Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

I would like to express my thanks to your team for having conducted an enriching and fun workshop for the P3 and the P4 students. The trainers were very professional and the service provided by YOU! Training & Development was prompt and very forthcoming. The trainers were able to engage the P3 and P4 students in learning good self-management strategies which they were able to apply and internalise effectively. The students gave favourable feedback and hoped that they would have more of such courses in the future.

Mdm Hamimah
Year Head - Rivervale Primary School

“It was truly an inspiring session…”

Mrs Raj
Telok Kurau Primary School

I’m absolutely delighted with what Vivek did for my organisation. My employees are applying whatever they learnt back at work…”

Trade Association Manager

“Your trainer was wonderful and full of aspirations, ideas, patience and laughter throughout the programme. He’s unselfishness in sharing, giving ideas and guiding me in better understanding my true self. I will recommend my friends to this course. Best of luck, keep it up!”

Mr. Kesavan
CEO - Diamond Glass

“It was truly an inspiring session! Managed to pick up useful strategies to increase my organisation’s performance. Personally, it was such an enriching experience. I was pushed beyond my comfort zone to discover things I never knew I could do!”

Department Head - Finance Sector

“I’m absolutely delighted with what Vivek did for my organisation. My employees were applying whatever they learnt back at work. Content was great, Vivek is exceptionally knowledgeable. Definitely will recommend Vivek to all who’s interested in raising their organisation’s performance.”

Department Head - Government Sector

“I had been deeply touched by this special session. This experience will stay with me for life and carry me through tough times in my work or personal life. Very thought provoking.”

Mr. Raymond
Department Head - ST Engineering

“I think we have achieved what we wanted; the programme has been wonderful for me and my team. Good participation from my team and the method is very unconventional and excellent”.

Ms Meenachi
Senior Manager - Delta airlines

I am writing this testimonial in appreciation for Mr Vivek Iyyani and Mr Thoufic Rahman, from YOU! Training & Development for coming forward to volunteer at the Hindu Centre for the Chakra Programme.
The Chakra Programme is a community service programme of the Hindu Centre in partnership with the ministry of social and Family Development (MSF) catered to young probationers. The aim of this programme is to engage the youth to reflect and alter their life choices and to support them rehabilitation.
During the 25 weeks of this programme, counsellors and facilitators devise and conduct activities   helping them cope with their personal situations and improve through specific lessons based on Hinduism.
Both Vivek Iyyani and Thoufic Rahman from YOU! Training & Development came forward to engage these youths during the lessons through various activities. Their ability to connect with the youths and build rapport with them demonstrated professionalism. The youths thoroughly enjoyed the activities that were conducted and it was easier for them to relate to the key message for the particular lesson.
I would like to specifically thank and appreciate YOU! Training & Development and the two volunteers for coming forward to empower the youths and commend them on the wonderful work they are doing to make their community a better one.

Mr. Cedric Metrat
Depardon Co-chair - Hindu Centre Mitra programme

“ The Team at YOU! Training and Development really delivered their promise of running an excellent 12-week leadership program for our Primary 1 & 2 students. Through this program, we have had very shy primary 1 students volunteer themselves by being “proactive” to conduct “Pledge Taking during school assembly. That was when we knew this program was effective in nurturing our young future leaders!”

Mr. Ivan Ng
Head of Department CCE - Southview Primary School

“I really liked the way your trainers handled the technical difficulties that were caused by the sound systems and immediately went in to engage the students despite the difficulties. Their ability to manage the class in such unfortunate circumstances is commendable!”

Mrs Raj
Subject Head of Pupil Welfare - Telok Kurau Secondary School

It was indeed a pleasure to see the students being very engaged in class, through all the experiential learning and activities. Their class participation during these activities prove that you have done the right things to make a difference in the way they treat themselves and one another”

Ms Lee Wei Leng
Teacher - Evergreen Secondary School